Client Reviews

Clint C.

I value her knowledge

I have worked with Missy in many different ways, auction, personal sales, and real estate investments. She has been fantastic to work with and helped me to earn more money on my real estate ventures. She goes out of her way to meet with me to go over choices and from beginning to end help me with many flips. I value her knowledge.

Robin A.

Missy and her team has been amazing!

As a real estate agent, having the ability to leverage my business and use Missy and her team has been amazing! The properties I have given her to auction have gone above my exceptions. She handled the probate, clean up and auction with ease. I would recommend her to any fellow agent.

Gordon Y.

I began working with Missy exclusively

I have had the pleasure of working with Missy over the past 3 years. Originally she was representing a seller as I was “prospecting” opportunities. Subsequently I began working with Missy exclusively. While I enjoy my dealings with her, she has more importantly helped me make a better return on investments with her knowledge of the market.

Both the selling and buying side has gone smoothly with her advice.